About Becca

Ask me questions, and I’ll answer them here. For now, here are a few quick details:

  • Pennsylvanian born and raised. Appreciating this commonwealth more the older I get.
  • Besides PA, I’ve lived in Marburg, Germany; Baltimore, MD; and Madison, WI.
  • Graduate of Messiah College (B.A.s in English and German) and Chatham University (M.F.A. in Creative Writing with a focus in nonfiction travel writing).
  • Have worked as a textbook editor, grade-school tutor, college writing tutor, homeschool English teacher, and technical writer, as well as frozen custard server, grocery store cashier, temp secretary, and classroom janitor. I’ve never waited tables or served coffee, which makes me worry for my future as a writer.
  • Drawn to mountains and water. Places like New York’s Finger Lakes and the lochs of Scotland make my heart flutter.
  • Moderately obsessed with Scotland’s western islands. Others might say more than moderately.
  • I like to get my shoes dirty. I’ve taken a solo 2-day walk on part of the Cotswold Way and biked 125 miles with my BFF through the Scottish lowlands. Future dreams include walking El Camino de Santiago, biking parts of Germany and/or Italy, hiking in Switzerland, and WWOOFing in Scotland.
  • Constantly searching for that perfect combination of campfire, guitar, wine, and sailboat.



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