Three Days in Canada

Last year you learned the lengths I would go to for a grape pie.

It’s not just the pie. It’s the experience. And this year, I added another country to that experience.

My BeFF and I went first to Canada, spending a few days in Welland, Ontario, before returning to Pennsylvania via Monica’s Pies in Naples, NY.

We had sunshine, wine, freighters, and a koi pond on our jam-packed yet relaxing three-day vacation.


I booked my first Airbnb for this trip, having heard a friend rave about his experiences with it, and if they’re all like the one in Welland, I can say I’m definitely hooked. We had a separate 2BR apartment on the second floor of our hosts’ house, with a lovely deck overlooking their several acres of property.


Our second night there, we brought back a couple bottles of wine and a few types of cheese and relaxed by their indoor koi pond. Because of course they had an indoor koi pond.


Our Airbnb wasn’t the only relaxing place we enjoyed in Canada. The town of Niagara-on-the-Lake was nearby, situated on the corner of Lake Ontario and the Niagara River.


After wandering town for the evening, we ate dinner at Corks Restaurant. Our server, Neal, was the best, and they were showing the World Cup of Hockey (of course). We eavesdropped on the guys at the bar and, as BeFF said later, “I’ve never heard such intelligent hockey talk!” As a sports fan herself, she was in heaven.

Our second day was defined by the Welland Canal, which really deserves its own post (stay tuned). Skipping over that for now, we returned to the States only after stopping at Niagara Falls, or as BeFF called it, “Canada: The Theme Park.” Still, it was off season and rainy, so we were able to enjoy some great views of the falls and the whirlpool without too much of a tourist crush.


It was just the inexpensive, relaxing, international journey we needed to wrap up September and see us into the autumn. Our only disappointment is that no one stamped our passports. Alas, but for a maple leaf alongside my German and British stamps!

I managed to forget my phone in the Airbnb while we were out and about, so most of these photos are courtesy of BeFF.



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