Three Days in Canada

Last year you learned the lengths I would go to for a grape pie.

It’s not just the pie. It’s the experience. And this year, I added another country to that experience.

My BeFF and I went first to Canada, spending a few days in Welland, Ontario, before returning to Pennsylvania via Monica’s Pies in Naples, NY.

We had sunshine, wine, freighters, and a koi pond on our jam-packed yet relaxing three-day vacation.

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Observations Along the Mon

Today, my BeFF went to Pittsburgh to pick up a new saxophone, and she invited me to tag along. I was up for a trip, and she has the Hamilton soundtrack, so I took her up on the offer.

This isn’t a narrative, just a few oddities and curiosities I snapped on my phone while we were out along the Monongahela. Enjoy.

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