The difficult moment as a travel writer: Do I write about the negatives?

Yes, travel is wonderful. It opens you up to all new experiences and horizons and ideas and people. But it’s difficult—no coincidence the root of travel is the same as that for travail—and how much of that should I write about?

But you see, this trip is nothing like what I expected.

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Safe and Sound and Sheepy

Quick note to let everyone know I arrived safely at my destination. It’s gorgeous, with a dozen ducks and a dozen hens wandering around, sheep in the pastures, and a gently bubbling spring filtering down the hill to our kitchen spigot.

I sheared a sheep when I got in, and then tagged two dozen ears.

Not bad on severe jetlag and about two hours’ sleep.


one of those hours’ sleep was using my laptop bag as a pillow. ive had better ideas.