Coffee, Spring, and OMG MONDAY

I’m waiting for my coffee to cool down in my favorite local shop and—temporarily not on the go—my brain has a chance to reflect.

I purposely chose an angle without people so I’m not labeled a creeper. it really does get fairly busy here.

And my reflections? Primary in my thoughts is, What on earth am I thinking? Spring is finally blossoming here in PA, with daffodils and crocuses and primroses, and lawn mowers buzzing through the neighborhood, and my toes in sandals instead of boots, and I’m spending the next month in this:

  Cold, rainy northern Scotland. Why didn’t I have the sense to fall in love with a place like, I don’t know, Italy?

On the one hand, it means my clothes are bulkier. On the other hand, those clothes probably won’t get dirty as fast.

Yesterday I had my packing breakdown. I thought I could get through this time without it, but apparently it’s now firm tradition. Upon reflection, I solved the problems, and now, well, as long as my companions don’t mind seeing me in the same 3 outfits for a month, I’ll be ok.

In other news, the Hamiltome is out and I did not buy it, although it was a struggle.

My BeFF surprised me with the soundtrack, though, as a travel gift yesterday. I hope my seatmates don’t mind hearing me sing along badly for the 6-hour flight.

In 48 hours, I’ll be headed to the airport. My sinus infection is passing, my clothes are packed, my bon voyage party is scheduled, and yet I still feel I’m forgetting something.

Guess I have two days to remember what it is, huh?


2 thoughts on “Coffee, Spring, and OMG MONDAY

  1. Your Feb 16 post proves you are, if anything, consistent. And, considering how much you dislike packing, yet it doesn’t keep you from traveling, proves you are also persistent.

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