My Next Trip

Every trip needs to have its seed of an idea. Early last summer, it was when I told my officemate, “I think I want to invite my BFF to go to Scotland with me,” and my officemate said, “If you do, you should totally take a bike trip through the Highlands.”

Three months later, my BFF and I were slogging our bikes up hill and dale through Scottish downpours for a week. And we’d do it again in a heartbeat.

The day I learned my rain jacket isn't waterproof.

The day I learned my rain jacket isn’t waterproof.

Today I started to really think about my next Big Trip. Or maybe Trips. What do I want them to include? So here I am, planting some seeds. Hopefully it won’t be too long before one or two of them germinate into something excellent.

  • WWOOFing and distillery tours in Scotland
  • Artist/Freelancing and visiting friends (AND SPEAKING GERMAN) in Germany
  • Hiking in Switzerland
  • Soaking up sun in February. Somewhere warm. Anywhere.
  • Road trip. North, south, west …?

That’s my list so far. Where do you think I should go?


4 thoughts on “My Next Trip

  1. Just saying that my bf grew up in Switzerland. And knows people. Who have cabins in the mountains. Where there is hiking. Yeah. If only vacation time would add up faster! 🙂

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    • I spent years learning German and STILL had to work up the courage to speak it the first few weeks I lived there! Eventually I realized that the people who mattered never minded my lack of fluency. 🙂

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