Canada, Latin America, or Southwestern USA

Ever since I got back from Scotland, friends have been asking me, “Where next?”

Well, for now, nowhere that requires money. But in the future, I think my next big adventure will feature Canada, Latin America, or the southwestern US.

(This, of course, assumes I won’t pull my usual freak-out-when-I-have-enough-savings-and-immediately-book-a-flight-to-Germany.) (It’s a real possibility.)


I’ve been to Canada plenty of times, but I’ve only ever stayed in Ontario and I’d like to see some more of my closest international neighbor.

I’ve never been to a Spanish-speaking country, and despite my irrational fear of snakes and lizard-like creatures, I’m open to seeing what opportunities lie south of the border.

And except for a combined 1 week in the western Texas/eastern New Mexico area on two separate work trips, I haven’t seen much of the beautiful desert that defines such a large part of the United States.

And the #birdnerd in me is dying to see a roadrunner.
(Image from

Wherever I end up next, I plan to travel with an opener wallet and larger suitcase than my usual style. It was cool to rock braids and rucksacks in my 20s. That day has come and gone.

For now, I’ll just think of these places and dream while saving a little here, a little there to feed this lifelong travel addiction.

Also in the meantime, I’ll pretend I’m in Rio during my quadrennial interest in sporting events.

Wait, was that the Olympic theme I heard? Gotta go.


4 thoughts on “Canada, Latin America, or Southwestern USA

  1. Go west, young lady! You will never regret it. It is absolutely beautiful!

    Your 4th cousin 1x removed, on your mother’s side.

    Deb 🙂


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