It’s Not Going Anywhere (or, Why I’m Going Somewhere)

A few months ago I listed some ideas for¬†My Next Trip. And I sit back and wonder why I still haven’t taken it.

Obvious answer: Exhaustion.


I don’t have (m)any pics of me looking exhausted, so the Cat is standing in for me here.

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Longish Absence

I spent last weekend in Baltimore, and I’m working on a post about that visit, but it will be a little bit. Sadly, the Wookiee’s yearlong fight with kidney disease ended this morning after a turn for the worse. He was my 16th birthday gift, and he’s the one who, after my first trip to Germany and spending a month away from home, welcomed me back by sitting on my head. A companion for half my life, he was a pet, a guard cat, a mascot, and an icon.

I’ll try to write my Baltimore post, but no guarantees when I’ll publish. Perhaps some would say he was just a cat, but all I can think of now are the times when he was so much more.