It’s Not Going Anywhere (or, Why I’m Going Somewhere)

A few months ago I listed some ideas for¬†My Next Trip. And I sit back and wonder why I still haven’t taken it.

Obvious answer: Exhaustion.


I don’t have (m)any pics of me looking exhausted, so the Cat is standing in for me here.

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What Do I Have in Common with Indiana Jones?

What do I have in common with Indiana Jones? Is it …

  • Shocking good looks? I wish.
  • Household name? Not … yet.
  • Irrational fear of snakes? Bingo.

Today when I was out hiking, I encountered one of these little guys:

Eastern Ribbon Snake
Eastern Ribbon Snake


Notice the picture is from Wikipedia. I didn’t take it. I was too busy FREAKING THE HECK OUT about the proximity of a snake to my open-toed sandals and ground-skimming pant cuffs. A SNAKE. Near my SKIN. Here’s how it went down. Continue reading